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Intra-Oral Cameras

Feel Involved and Fully Understand the Process

  • Used routinely at North Fitzroy Dental
  • Allows us to easily monitor conditions such as tooth wear or early cavities
  • Allows us to do Dentistry to as high a standard as possible
  • Can be used to show you treatment that may be required

At North Fitzroy Dental we routinely use cameras & intra-oral cameras to capture a photographic record of each patient’s mouth.

Patients really appreciate having the opportunity to see on the computer exactly what we can see in their mouths and find the photos invaluable in treatment planning discussions.

We want to be sure our patients feel involved in this process and fully understand any recommendations regarding their dental treatment.

Photo Catalogues

Patients also find our ‘examples photo catalogues’ extremely helpful in terms of understanding likely scenarios and treatment options.

We also photograph every aspect of the treatment that we provide – we are very proud of the work we create and are happy to show it off!

Patients tend to better understand and appreciate their treatment when they can visualise the condition of the underlying tooth and the work we have done.

We also find that this helps to motivate patients to adopt preventive strategies to avoid future recurrences of similar scenarios.

We don’t just care about your teeth, we care about your health.