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Bad Breath (Halitosis)

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Sulphur Producing Bacteria

  • Called Halitosis
  • Related to bacteria in your mouth
  • Can be treated by your Dentist

Bad Breath also referred to as Halitosis generally occurs due to sulphur producing bacteria that lives on the surface of the tongue and in the throat.

This bacteria releases an odour which causes your breath to smell. Other causes of bad breath include poor oral hygiene, gum disease, smoking, certain types of food and drinks, as well as some medications.

Bad Breath (Halitosis) is most commonly accompanied by a white coating on the back of the tongue, plaque build up on and around teeth, morning breath, thick saliva and/or a dry mouth. You may also notice a constant, distinct taste in your mouth. Practising good oral hygiene such as brushing and flossing, keeping hydrated and the use of tongue brushes or cleaners can help reduce the severity of bad breath. It is important to visit your Dentist and Hygiene team regularly to help prevent bad breath.

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