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Sports Mouthguard

Sports Mouthguard

Fitted Specifically to You

  • Prevents damage to your or your children’s teeth
  • Far more effective than “boil and bite” store bought mouthguards
  • Every mouth is different – fitted specifically to you or your child giving the best protection
  • Custom design – multiple colours and sports teams available!
  • Long lasting – due to the dual layer design they are more hard wearing

A custom fitted sports mouthguard can be made by the Dentists at North Fitzroy Dental.

Mouthguards are the most effective protective pieces of equipment to help prevent injury to the teeth during sport – protecting the teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue and also reducing the risk of serious concussion. Although we generally think of the high risk contact sports like football, hockey, netball etc. we now see an increasing incidence of fractured and displaced teeth from scooter and skateboard accidents.

Cost Effective and Highly Recommended Preventive Measure

Research shows that custom fitted mouthguards are far more effective at preventing sports injuries than the DIY ‘over the counter’ mouthguards.

One broken tooth can mean a lifetime of dental treatment that can run into many thousands of dollars so a mouthguard is a cost effective and highly recommended preventive measure.

We don’t just care about your teeth, we care about your health.