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Cracked Tooth

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Crack at emergency appointment.

Crack at emergency appointment

Crack being monitored.

Crack being monitored

Cracked tooth needing removal.

Cracked tooth needing removal

Actual case done by Dr. Kalyan Voruganti.

Cracked Tooth Treatment

Cracks in teeth can be quite common. They tend to be more common in people who have lots of old silver fillings and people who grind their teeth either due to stress or a sleep issue.

In this case, a crack was noticed on Mr B’s back tooth. It was offered to either monitor or fix it.

Mr B wanted to fix it with a conservative crown but not straight away and unfortunately the crack got bigger and split the tooth down the middle, leaving us no choice but to remove it.

We will be looking to help him by replacing the tooth with a dental implant towards the end of year.

We don’t just care about your teeth, we care about your health.