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Sleep Apnoea

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  • Covers a whole range of conditions
  • Poor sleep can lead to poor health
  • You may not realise you have a problem

Sleep apnoea is a medical condition where Adults and Children can have difficulties whilst asleep.

This usually includes symptoms of tooth grinding at night, daytime sleepiness and waking up not feeling refreshed. There are also other related conditions called sleep disordered breathing.

This is a medical problem.

With Children this can lead to problems at school, bed wetting, difficulty concentrating during the day and also the risk their jaws may not grow correct potentially requiring surgery or braces later on.

In Adults it is linked strongly with obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, type-2 diabetes, depression, impotence, mood disorders, and motor vehicle and industrial accidents.

Here at North Fitzroy Dental we don’t just care about your teeth, we care about your health and will check this as part of your six monthly examinations. If we suspect you may suffer from a sleep disorder we can help you by arranging follow up tests, to see a sleep doctor or an ear, nose and throat surgeon as required.

If you want to know more about sleep apnoea, call us on (03) 9481 0479 or visit our practice at 131 St Georges Rd Fitzroy North VIC 3068.

We don’t just care about your teeth, we care about your health.