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TMD & Bruxism

Extremely Destructive

  • Can be related to stress or sleep problems
  • Can cause teeth to break
  • Most people don’t realise they are doing it

The increased stress of modern lifestyles has brought with it an ‘epidemic’ of tooth clenching and grinding (bruxism).

Bruxism is extremely destructive to the teeth (causing chips, cracks and teeth to break) and can also lead to jaw joint (TMJ) pain, headaches and muscle related neck and back pain. In some cases this can also be related to sleep apnoea (please see sleep apnoea / sleep disordered breathing section).

The best way to protect the teeth and help relieve other related symptoms if Bruxism is damaging your teeth is by wearing a slim, custom fitted nightguard (occlusal splint) whilst you are sleeping.

The Dentists at North Fitzroy Dental have the experience and expertise to accurately fit and adjust nightguards so as to ensure that they are comfortable to wear and help keep your teeth protected.

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