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Dental Examination

Dental Oral Examination

  • Recommended twice yearly
  • Start children young (18 months)
  • Regular visits means less dental treatment is required

It is generally recommended that you visit us for a dental examination twice a year (every 6 months) to ensure anything that may potentially cause you pain or problems are fixed early and to keep your teeth looking lovely and clean.

At North Fitzroy Dental a Comprehensive dental exam involves a thorough assessment of your teeth, jaws, gums and tongue; looking specifically for cavities, plaque build up, ways to improve your smile and any signs of gum disease.

We will confidentially discuss your general and oral health as well as your diet, nutrition and current oral hygiene routine. This is a perfect time to raise any issues or concerns you may have.

Once your initial check up has been completed, we will proceed with a professional dental clean (preventative care) to ensure plaque build up and tartar is removed to reduce your risk of getting cavities or losing teeth.

We don’t just care about your teeth, we care about your health.