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Actual case done by Dr. Kalyan Voruganti.

Cerec Crown Treatment

Mr D came in to see us with a broken back tooth. An old silver filling which had left lots of cracks in his tooth increased the risk of it breaking. After discussion, we agreed to strengthen and protect it with a same day cerec crown.

Mr D’s tooth was prepared and on the same day, using our state of the art scanner and milling machine, the crown was designed and made onsite to the exact specifications of our Dentist.
With only a short wait (enough time to read a good magazine!) the crown was made and cemented that afternoon. This should give Mr D many years with a stronger protected tooth.

Conservative Crown Treatment

Ms K had a root canal therapy completed leaving her tooth weak and at risk of breaking and needing removal.

After discussion about our options, we agreed to do a conservative porcelain crown. The tooth was gently prepared in the first visit and two weeks later the final crown was cemented. This option leaves plenty of tooth to work with in future as well as strengthening and reinforcing the tooth.

crown before and after

Actual case done by Dr. Kalyan Voruganti.

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