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Stained Discoloured Teeth

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Embarrassed about your smile?

  • Can be easily treated
  • Prevented by regular dental visits
  • Whitening or veneers can create a great smile

Stained Discoloured Teeth are either caused by discolouration of your enamel or by changes inside your tooth. Stains/discoloured teeth may be a result of your daily routine such as foods, drinks and smoking.

Discolouration may also be a result of trauma, too much fluoride and medications such as antibiotics. Over time teeth will naturally discolour, however there are many teeth whitening treatments available. At North Fitzroy Dental, one option we can provide is ‘Home based’ whitening, where gel gently whitens your teeth.

We are also able to provide Veneers (a thin custom made covering for the front of your tooth). These are glued to your teeth and help to improve your smile and can strengthen teeth.

During your consultation we will discuss which options are most suitable for you.

If you want to know more about stained discoloured teeth, call us on (03) 9481 0479 or visit our practice at 131 St Georges Rd Fitzroy North VIC 3068.

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