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Rubber Dam

High Quality Dentistry

  • The difference between great Dentistry and excellent Dentistry
  • Makes the procedure more comfortable
  • Allows the Dentist to do work to as high a standard as possible

Rubber dam is a method of isolating teeth that was designed to create a dry operating field for dental treatment and was invented way back in 1864.

It is widely acknowledged amongst world experts that the use of rubber dam enables the dentist to achieve consistently higher quality dentistry – and yet only a minority of dental practices use rubber dam on a routine basis.

This is mostly due to dentist’s inexperience and lack confidence with rubber dam.

At North Fitzroy Dental we are very passionate about the quality of our dentistry and for this reason all our dentists routinely use rubber dam.

In fact, there would be few general practices that use rubber dam more extensively than North Fitzroy Dental and some of our Dentists have even taught other Dentists how to use Rubber Dam.

Why We Use It (Benefits)

The main reason why we use rubber dam is that modern bonded composite (tooth coloured) fillings are very sensitive to moisture contamination and need to be dry during placement.

Without rubber dam it is very difficult to guarantee optimal bonding and therefore the fillings often get decay and have a much reduced lifespan.

The main benefit for patients is that it is much safer having treatment under rubber dam because the rubber dam protects the patient’s airway and prevents the patient from swallowing all the water and debris. This is particularly important when removing old amalgam fillings and for your comfort.

Whenever we have Dentists or Students visit our practice they are continually amazed by how many of our patients actually fall asleep during dental treatment because they are so relaxed when having treatment with rubber dam.

We don’t just care about your teeth, we care about your health.