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Preventative Dentistry

It Is Not Just About Good Brushing and Flossing

Preventive dentistry is a very broad topic and will mean something different for each patient at different stages throughout their life – it is not just about good brushing and flossing.

Obviously preventing tooth decay and gum disease is largely dependent on developing good homecare routines but preventive dentistry also entails many other treatment modalities from fissure sealants in children’s molars, to orthodontics for destructive bites, nightguards for tooth grinders, crowns for weakened teeth and even dietary and medical advice for high risk patients.

As they say ‘prevention is better than cure’ – so the ultimate objective is to adopt the appropriate preventive measures which will ensure the minimum amount of treatment and thereby keep each mouth in the best possible condition for the entire life.

+ - Dental Fillings

Fillings are the most common type of treatments we do. A filling replaces the part of the tooth that has been lost due to a cavity or broken tooth.

At North Fitzroy Dental we use only bonded composite (tooth coloured) fillings which achieve the best aesthetic and long lasting results. These days many patients are opting to have their old amalgam fillings replaced with more aesthetic composite fillings.

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+ - Fissure Sealants

Your back teeth are known as premolars and molars and these naturally have pits and grooves on the biting surface which can trap plaque bacteria enabling decay to penetrate deeper into the tooth.

Fissure sealants work by filling the deep pits and grooves making the teeth easier to clean and thus helping to prevent cavities from forming.

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+ - Nightguards

The increased stress of modern lifestyles has brought with it an ‘epidemic’ of tooth clenching and grinding (bruxism).

Bruxism is extremely destructive to the teeth and can also lead to jaw joint (TMJ) pain, headaches and muscle related neck and back pain.

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+ - Sports Mouthguard

A custom fitted sports mouthguard can be made by the Dentists at North Fitzroy Dental.

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We don’t just care about your teeth, we care about your health.